NZV8 01 OCT 2018



  • NZV8
  • 1 Oct 2018

With the flares defining the overall width of the body, the team could move on to the rest of the build, such as the complete custom front bumper assembly. The lines of the custom front-end sheet metal flow through to the sides of the car, thanks to custom integrated side skirts. See those vents in the flanks of the car? They’re Ferrari inspired, as requested. The same lines also defined where the replacement rear-end sheet-metal work would end up. The exact design was a combination of ideas from the Panelworks team and Igor himself. But good looks were only part of the package; the engineering on the car extends far beyond what the eye can see. To stiffen the whole vehicle, custom braces were fabricated below the front fenders to triangulate the shock mounts to the bulkhead. Custom torque boxes were fitted under the floor, while the transmission tunnel was enlarged to suit the planned transmission. While there’s no mistaking a Panelworks car, mainly due to the amount of custom work that goes into it, each and every one is significantly different from the last, despite being built on the same formula. However, the interior of Igor’s car is above and beyond any other, thanks to both the metalwork undertaken by the Panelworks team and the soft coverings — which were looked after by Trevor and his team at Auto Interior Specialist Ltd.