Auto Interior Specialists specialize in supply and fitting new replacement hoods, soft tops and cabriolet roofs to convertible, cabriolet and sports cars. Where practical and cost effective, Auto Interior Specialists offer a repair service to hoods that have slight damage or require replacement of ‘soft’ rear windows that have become scratched, cracked or discolored. As good as new and sometimes better!.

30 Years Experience

With over 30 year’s history within the industry, customers can take advantage of our wealth of experience, providing you with peace of mind and confidence in our products and workmanship.

Insurance approved

We are approved and recognized by many local main franchise car dealerships, leading car body shops, repairers and insurance companies. All call upon our expertise and experience to provide a high quality yet cost effective solution to their requirements for hoods, tops and repairs.

We provide:

Complete top replacement
Convertible top repairs
Vinyl Convertible Tops
Rear window replacement
OEM tops and materials available
Replacement hydraulic parts
Frame repairs
Custom tops
Convertible Top Protectant Products
Boot Covers
Tonneau Covers

Contact us today to learn more about our convertible tops replacement and custom design services. 

Tailor made tops

If you would like your new top manufactured in a non standard material or color, Auto Interior Specialists are happy to oblige, please do not hesitate to discuss your requirements.

Car window replacement and repairs

Damaged, scratched, discolored or cracked rear window section? The effects of sunlight, cold temperatures and chemicals can cause these problems to ‘soft’ vinyl windows. This is a fairly common problem and the solution does not always require complete replacement of the top.

We can fit into the existing hood new sections in either clear or tinted PVC, restoring the original appearance and visibility. We are asked if it is possible to repair worn sections, tears, slashes in an existing hood.

Soft tops / cabriolets whatever you prefer

To help maintain your cars value you can be sure that here at Auto Interior Specialists, only tops which meet the highest quality standards are used.

The tops supplied are sourced from carefully vetted manufacturers who use the latest technology and manufacturing equipment in their production facilities, along with premium quality fabrics, as would be supplied to the original equipment manufacturers.

This produces hoods and tops of exceptional quality, many incorporating design improvements over the original units supplied when your vehicle was built!

Value range

Along with our premium range, we realize that sometimes a very ‘cost effective’ solution is the order of the day! To satisfy this, customers can choose from a range of tops with slight design changes, for example, the ‘one piece’ top for Rover 214/216 Cabriolet. This provides a simplified (and thus cheaper!) production cost, along with alternative materials, giving a significant saving over the standard ‘two piece’ design.

Repair or replace your existing car hood

Where a repair is not practical we will quote the alternatives, because our hoods are very competitively priced customers are often pleasantly surprised to find a new hood from us to be cheaper than repairs elsewhere in the motor trade

The answer will depend greatly on many factors, such as
* Position of damage
* Age of hood
* General condition