We can repair/replace your sagging or dirty Headlinings Any thing from  Smart cars , Jaguars, Range Rovers Campers.Whether you need custom replacement or a unique upholstery design for your vehicle, we can help. Our trimmers use special materials and adhesives to replace old or sagging headliners

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Auto Interior Specialists

We will help you to come up with new ideas and designs for your vehicle. Taking pride in enhancing the style of your vehicle using traditional methods when restoring your classic or vintage cars.

Headlinings to cars. Headliners which are sagging down. We can recover any headlining in any vehicle. We replace the old fabric with brand new 4 mm foam backed fabric. Fabric is imported from Europe-USA and Asia to cater for all makes and models of vehicles.

There are over 30 colours to choose from and we source original manufactures colours to match the original fabric in your vehicle.

We remove your headlining from vehicle-clean off old fabric, prepare and board-recover with new 4mm foam backed fabric. Then we re-install back into your vehicle. Your vehicle is required in our workshop for between 4-6 hours.