Check Seat Heaters. The benchmark the world over!

Now everyone can enjoy the luxury!

How many times have you thought to yourself how great It would be to have heated seats in your car, truck, boat, bulldozer, forklift, or even your motorbike … let alone seats that offer therapeutic massage as well !!

Heated seats. How about a massage? Enjoy both at the same time with the flick of a switch!

Now everyone can enjoy heated seats in their car!  

All Seat Heater Kits include:

Cushion and back heating elements,power harness (300mm), switch harness (127mm) with flagged terminals, round lighted switch and complete hardware pack (Zip-tie fasteners). ground screw and ring terminal and other system specific parts.

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Heated Seats Custom Made to Fit your Car!

Luxury or Premium packs Check Corporation is the largest manufacturer of aftermarket seat heaters in the USA. Backed by a 3-year/50,000 Klm warranty, Check Seat Heaters quickly warm the body through the seat’s cushion and back long before the car’s interior is heated. And heater kits are vehicle specific! No trimming or cutting is necessary, making installation a cinch and more reliable.


This dual-temperature or HI-LO Seat Heater Kit has a digital controller for more precise and consistent heating with a choice of switches. This system also includes a timed one-hour shut-off function and diagnostic feedback capabilities. The Luxury Kit hardware pack includes mini and ATO type fuse taps with inline fuse holder, fuse, crimp connectors and additional parts for mounting the controller and extra zip tie fasteners.

For 12 years the Check Corporation has been delivering the benchmark in proven ‘seat-heater’ technology! And now, using that same advanced technology it’s available with our ‘built-in’ massage system. Our research and development group have worked tirelessly to deliver the perfect blend of heat and the very best in massage. It’s a perfect combination!

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Best of all, don’t settle for some ‘generic’ one size fits all! Our systems are tailor made, vehicle & seat specific, so they will install quickly, fit perfectly and complement the original seat design.


Top aftermarket choice

200,000 new car buyers can’t be wrong! After being surveyed, more people said heated seats was the option they wanted most that didn’t come with their car.

  • Heated seats 12.6%
  • Sunroof 11.7%
  • Leather seats 6.0%
  • Custom wheels 3.6%